Here you can order hand-made wooden table lamps. Original, unusual, cozy and modern - wooden lamps, candlesticks and nightlights will be an excellent gift for any holiday!

Really handmade!

All the wooden details of these present table lamps are made by hand, without the use of laser equipment, which eliminates the appearance of the burnt edges and unpleasant odor. Only by hand, only hardcore!
Warm laminated wooden handmade gifts in Minsk ^_^

What gifts for the holiday?

Prints on mugs and prints on T-shirts today no one is surprised.
If a couple of years ago get a mug with a print was new and nice, then today the birthday person, most likely, will think that the guest was too lazy to bother and he decided to give at least something to get rid of.
That's why handmade gifts are gaining popularity. And our wooden lamps are suitable for this best of all!

Wooden handmade gifts are:


It smells nice with a wood.

It's unique!


It is appropriate!

Perfectly fit in the interior.


Handmade is always fashionable!